Nominee Expectations and Provisions

  1. FON scholarships and awards opportunities are a direct benefit of your TRIO program’s annual membership in NAEOP. Nominations will only be accepted from program’s who have current paid membership. Current membership will be verified with the NAEOP Treasurer.
  2. It is customary to have each recipient of the FON Scholastic Achievement and Pearl M. Hill Scholarship awards share their TRIO story and be recognized for their achievement during the Friends of NAEOP TRIO Awards Banquet at the annual NAEOP Conference. Nominating programs should give their best effort to provide travel expenses for their awardees either in full or in part. Friends of NAEOP can provide a small stipend to programs that need assistance in offsetting the recipients’ travel costs to attend the Annual NAEOP Conference. 

    Travel provisions for FON Scholastic Achievement and Pearl M. Hill Memorial Scholarship recipients:

    1. One night’s lodging, single rate
    2. Per diem of $40, 2 days maximum
    3. Fifty dollars ($50.00) for miscellaneous expenses and ground transportation
    4. Two (2) meal tickets
  3. Travel reimbursement requests must be made in writing and accompanied by receipts after the travel is completed. Request should be submitted to the FON Chairperson.
  4. Family and friends of recipients are invited to attend but are responsible for their own expenses.
  5. Scholarship/award application packets will be read and scored by FON volunteers.
  6. Program directors will be notified first of selection/non-selection of their nominees by email. Then a letter and email will be sent to each nominee notifying them of their selection/non-selection with program directors copied on the email.
  7. Recipients will be asked to submit a NAEOP media waiver agreement form.
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