NAEOP Board of Directors Nominations

Each year our membership is tasked with nominating and electing individuals to serve on our board of directors. This year we are soliciting nominations for three positions that are key to the work of the association. These positions include President Elect, Treasurer, and TRIO Alumni Partner. The following descriptions are from the NAEOP bylaws:

The President-Elect shall:

  1. Serve as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  2. Serve on COE Board of Directors.
  3. Serve as the Regional Fair Share Coordinator.
  4. Serve as an advisory or consulting member to all committees.
  5. In his/her absence, serve as the Association Parliamentarian.

*The President-Elect is a one-year term of office, beginning December 1. Following the one-year term, the President-Elect serves consecutive one-year terms as President and Past-President of the NAEOP Board of Directors.

The Treasurer shall:

  1. Collect membership fees and other monies as required. 
  2. Maintain accurate records regarding expenditures, fees collected, and/or provide other data as required by the associaon. 
  3. Provide a full and accurate financial statement for distribuon at the annual fall conference.
  4. Chair the Finance Commiee. 
  5. File income tax returns with Idaho and the IRS. 
  6. Serve as a vong member of the NAEOP board.

*The Treasurer serves for a two-year term of office, beginning December 1.

The TRIO Alumni Partner shall:

  1. Be elected by the membership for a term of 1 year and is a voting member of the NAEOP Board of Directors. They may be re-elected at the pleasure of the membership.
  2. Have participated in a TRIO program at some point in their lifetime and have earned a post-secondary degree.
  3. Participate on the annual NAEOP conference planning committee for events related to alumni.
  4. Establish and maintain regional alumni network by serving as a liaison to state alumni chairs. Collaborate with the Government Relations/Communications Chair regarding policy seminar activities and local advocacy efforts.
  5. Build or amend a sustainable plan for state and regional alumni activities which align with the NAEOP strategic plan. Propose this the plan to the NAEOP board to finalize an annual plan for approval.

*The TRIO Alumni Partner’s term of office begins on December 1.


To nominate someone for one of the board positions described above click on the “Submit a nomination” button below. On the form, you will be asked to enter the nominee’s name and contact information. Once the nomination is received, the committee will contact nominees to confirm their interest and to gather additional information for the upcoming vote.

Submit a nomination

The call for nominations will run through Wednesday, July 31st.

Feel free to reach out to directly with questions or if you need any additional information about the positions or process.

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