Sound Advise From a 2020 UofA Graduate

Graduation photo of Shelby Mccahon at University of Alaska
Shelby McCahon – University of Alaska 2020 graduate

Four years ago, I was asking myself what my next steps would be after high school. After coming across a flyer about the Student Support Services (SSS) and about the Emerging Scholars Academy (ESA at the University of Alaska), I applied to join because I knew that this program would help jump start my college career. What I didn’t know at the time, was exactly how much it would help me.

By joining Student Support Services, you will have access to free tutoring, mentoring, and individualized advising, which helped me stay connected and on track throughout my entire college career. Aside from the financial and logistical benefits, by joining the 2020 ESA cohort you will be able to better prepare and learn how to make the most out of your college experience, along with making new friends that can last throughout your entire college career! I am still great friends with many of the students that were a part of my ESA and SSS group, and we still continue to help each other grow.

The biggest benefit that I got from joining both of these programs was gaining an invaluable network and support system. Both the staff and students in the Student Support Services office are all so kind and caring, and are ALWAYS there to help you succeed—you quickly become a family!

Please take advantage of these wonderful opportunities as much as you can, as they exist to help you succeed personally, academically, and professionally! Without getting involved in these wonderful and supportive programs, I would not be where I am today!


Shelby McCahon
Former SSS & ESA Student

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